Transmission repair services at Pro Tek Automobile

Transmission repair services at Pro Tek Automobile

Pre-purchase Inspection Services at ProTek Automotive

There are a lot of things that drivers do not like hearing from the mechanic. The common one is the transmission problem. Although it is repairable, repairing the transmission may come with a big price tag, providers of the transmission repair services will tell you.

The transmission plays a crucial role in the ability of the car to operate. In common terms, they bear the power of the engine towards the drive axle by use of diverse gears, which gives the engine the power to rotate at diverse speeds.


Provision of quality, trust, and the value you want

Pro Tek Automobile is among the most recognized names in the world’s transmission repair services and repairs and maintenance of transmissions. Everybody knows that cars, most likely transmissions, and when it is the time when you require the transmission service or repairs, no one can do it better than Pro Tek Automobile. This repair service performs exclusive inspection repair service on all cars before carrying out any repair.

If the initial diagnosis needs servicing, you are sure that Pro Tek will do it in the right manner. If the transmission of the car may be solved by changing the fluid or power service that is recommended. The company has expertise and technology for pinpointing the source of problems for the transmission. The only repair done is for the thing that requires fixing and nothing much. A lot of times, you will discover that the transmission only needs minor repairs. That is the main reason as to why Pro Tek Automobile is trusted in affordable and quality transmission service and repair for a lot of years.


Transmission Rebuild Service

Pro Tek Automobile transmission repair service is what makes the difference that allows for offering the best warranties in the world. They are the best and there is a backup. Whether you own a truck, a car, automatic or manual transmission, economy or luxury, domestic or foreign, the mechanics know your transmission.

When these technician masters rebuild your transmission, you will not have the fear of having a unit that is defective. You will just know that it is done in the right manner as the rebuild is done by use of an on-site expert technician and original unit. The mechanics will disassemble your transmission, inspect and clean thoroughly the external and internal components, rebuild by use of quality parts, and do the reinstallation of the transmission. They will refill the fluid and carry out external adjustments then do road tests that will ensure that there is no pending problem. With Pro Tek, you will get the desired peace of mind that the transmission is repaired with the required quality standards and the work has the backup of the national wide warranty.


Reseal Service

The only problem with your vehicle may be that the transmission is not retaining fluids without any other driveability issue. You may only be in need of the reseal service. The service of automatic transmission encompasses elimination of the transmission from the vehicle and disassembly enough for performing the service. The replacement of select components and external seals by ProTek experts is for correcting retention of fluid problem.

The transmission undergoes replacement, the fluid gets refilled with clean, fresh transmission fluid, and external adjustments are done as required. The vehicle then goes for a road test to make sure that it is functional and that the car is ready to go anywhere needed.


Clutch Repair Service

Do you drive a manual transmission? The experts here also know that. The inspection of the transmission may show that the problem lies with the clutch and external adjustments may not correct it, only replacement or repair of the clutch component is required. Certified mechanics here will sort you.

Remove the transmission of your vehicle. Inspect the pressure plate, clutch disc, related components, and flywheel. Replace the required components to meet the necessary standards. Reinstall the transmission, and refill it with clean fluid and make sure that proper adjustment and installation has been done.

You will then take the vehicle for a road test to make sure that the operation of the clutch is proper, and the SUV, truck, or car is ready for many miles ahead.

When this section of the transmission is not operating as per the design, the vehicle will lose its power, produce a burning smell, suffers a reduction in fuel efficiency, or produces humming and clucking sounds. In case the vehicle has any issues or if the illumination of the engine is on, there is a chance that you require transmission repair services.


Transmission Repair Service and Maintenance

In case there is an issue with the transmission, the technician will carry out diagnostic to see if there is a problem in the control system. They can also identify electrical components that require replacement.

The malfunction may be as a result of sensors and not mechanical issues. In other cases, the fluid may require flushing or change.


Transmission Flush

When necessary, having the transmission flushed will help get the car to running conditions intended. The flush is a process for pushing sludge and grime out from the transmission system. The oil is first removed and then new oil and cleaning solutions are put in to help eliminate unwanted debris. The transmission is then filled with new oil. This step is big if the transmission has debris and dirt.

Transmission Fluid Change

The technicians will follow the required guidelines according to the manufacturer of the vehicle while doing the transmission repair services. You will notice signs like reduced or erratic performance and sound. The transmission is similar to the tires of the car over the miles and usage time. Tires have the guarantee to wear out. The transmission will also wear over miles and years. The repair may be expensive to the sounds and it is quite easy to see signs of trouble in the transmission.