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If you have a racing vehicle, it is important that you make sure it is in top condition for competing. Our certified, hardworking and dependable auto mechanics at Palm Beach Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance Shop are able to get your vehicle road worthy. If you’re objective is to win races, you will have the best chance possible by making sure you perform prep work prior to race day.

Continuous maintenance is required if you are to keep your car in performing shape. When you rely on us for your track prep needs, we handle all of your maintenance work and more.



Automotive Prep Maintenance

Since water is easily absorbed, the brake fluid should be changed to make sure that you have enough new fluid in your vehicle just before race day. When the water heats up it creates steam that can cause a lack of efficiency. All of the vehicles water, oil, and fluid levels have been checked and topped up.

Our mechanics will evaluate your brake pad discs and brake pads to see how far they are worn. You’ll need to be equipped with a new pair in case they need to be changed. Your vehicle’s tire tread will need to be checked to ensure it is enough to handle the wear and tear it will soon undergo. Finally, our auto mechanics will inspect your nuts and bolts to ensure they are all in place and safely secure.


Reliable Auto Mechanics

A reliable auto mechanic will know what is required to get your vehicle in top condition for race day. We have a team of professionally trained automotive technicians with years of industry experience. Their experience makes it possible for them to provide you with the best quality of services possible.

They use a checklist for getting your vehicle in optimum condition for the race day. If you’re looking for a qualified automotive mechanic in West Palm Beach, FL to assist with your automotive service needs, you can always depend on the services of our reputable and reliable automotive mechanics. They have received the appropriate amount of training needed to effectively address your service needs.

We do more than the average person to ensure that you receive the quality of service that you want and deserve. At Palm Beach Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance Shop, we believe that you deserve the best quality of service possible and you’ll receive it with the help of our auto mechanics.


Why Hire Our West Palm Beach Auto Services

We offer motorists the results they want and more. Our auto mechanics are thorough in all that they do. No matter the make or model of your performance vehicle, you can be sure that our mechanics have the necessary skills and experience to get it ready for the big day

You can rest assured that your vehicle will perform at its absolute best with our automotive prep services. We stand by our work, offering you our service guarantee.



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