Tire Rotations

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Who doesn’t love to ride cars, go out for an adventure, through the mountains, bushes, those awesome desserts? Everyone out there who loves driving also knows the pressure of maintaining it especially the tires. It might be irritating to change them regularly.


Tires are one of the most important parts in cars as they are the ones that go through the most of wear and tear, need not worry at Protek Automotive we realize how much you love your cars and how much you care about their condition. That’s why at Protek Automotive we make sure to get you the best mechanic repair.


The tires are the part that goes through the most wear and tear and get damaged through the process, one of the most important aspects of maintaining your car is the rotation of your car tires regularly.


Tire Rotation  

Tire rotation is a process by which the tires of the vehicle are removed and repositioned regularly to maintain a healthy and long life of the tires. Tire rotation is one of the most important aspects of vehicular maintenance. We might neglect the fact but we need to understand its importance and should indulge in a practice of rotating them regularly.


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Why tires need to be rotated regularly

The main reason for tire rotation is their uneven wearing. Front tire is capable of wearing more easily as they are more subjected to twist and turns and hence might damage fast than that of the back tires. Uneven wearing might also affect the alignment of the tires.  



Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation 

Regular tire rotation can save you a lot of money as tire rotation is one thing that you can do on your own or on a very minimal cost at a mechanical repair shop, on the other hand buying a new tire may cost you a lot of money. So why not take a little effort and obedience and make this a habit in our regular schedule of car repair.  

  • Regular rotation of tires makes all the tires to evenly wear. 
  • As the tires are rotated regularly, all the tires go through the same pressure; hence the validity of warranty of the tires is maintained.  
  • Tires last longer. 
  • The performance of the tires is extremely improved, in turn conserving the fuel and energy.  


The Duration of Rotation 

The next question that arises is how often one should change their tires in order to maintain their healthy life. The answer to it depends on the model of car and tire that someone is using, but the average time can be when your car covers a distance of 5000- 6000 kms. 

Generally, people who drive in more rough terrains, on a very high speed and surrounding, it's always advisable to change or reposition the tires according to the pressure the tires are taking. Although one should not wait to see the wear and tear in order to reposition the tires. If the car is repaired or gone for a service, it’s always a good to make your tires repositioned.

One need not be a mechanic to realize if it’s the time to rotate the tires, one only need to look at the tires and if there's an uneven wear it’s the time to rotate them.  


Rotation Patterns 

It might sound simple but tire rotation can be a little tricky. You might change them on your own provided you have the knowledge on different tire rotating patterns, but in case you have no idea it is advisable to go to a mechanical shop to help change your tires.  

There are different patterns, depending on your vehicle type, if it’s directional, non-directional, front wheel, rear wheel, 4- wheel, or all drive. Some of the rotation patterns include forward cross, X patterns, rearwards cross, front to back rotation, side to side rotation, and five tire rotations. 

Different vehicle type has different tire rotation pattern, to be performed in order to reposition the tire. Hence being a mechanic is not easy as you think it is a quite difficult and tricky job.


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