Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

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As a car owner, you are required to rotate the tire after 6000 miles. The first question I should be asking is whether you know why this is important. There are several reasons why this practice is important. In this article, we will begin by looking at the top three reasons that will make you rotate your tires.

The main reasons are increased fuel efficiency, better traction and financial saving. As a rational thinking citizen, you will always want to save some money. Replacing your tires sooner than later can lead to the unnecessary financial burden. The advantage of rotating tires is that it prolongs the life of your tire.


The goal of every driver is to arrive at your destination safely. Having an excellent tire traction will make sure that you have a maximum grip and the treads of the tire will be worn evenly. As the pricing of fuel keeps on rising, fuel efficiency keeps on becoming a critical element that you need to consider in the traveling of your vehicle. Rotating the tires regularly will enhance fuel efficiency and make you fill your tank less often. The implication is that you will be able to save a lot of cash in the long run. In case tires don’t display obvious tear and wear, its wise to rotate them after every 6000 moles so as to equalize the threads. ProTek Automotive professionals can advise you on the mileage depending on the state of your tires. You may stick to the 6000-mileage recommendation yet your tires require a shorter distance coverage because they have been in use for some time.

As earlier said, the first reason for tire rotation is financial saving. Rotating the tire on a regular basis will make sure that there is an even wearing down of the treads at the same rate. Not rotating tires when you are supposed to will make them wear down so much on one side and hence it will be quite unsafe to rotate. The implication is that you will need to replace them sooner than later when you would have just rotated them. Rotating your tires will make sure that you don’t replace them earlier than necessary. Therefore, you need to rotate them every 6,000 miles or even less.


The second benefit of tire rotation is that it leads to better traction. This means that you will increase your control as a driver. When all the four tires are even, it leads into a very smooth ride. It is extremely important to have traction on tight corners, sudden braking, and quicker acceleration. All these functionalities can improve when tires wear out evenly. Regular tire rotation makes them more stable and helps in maintaining proper aligning by reducing friction. Make sure you rotate the tires on a regular basis if you wish to attain a better traction.

Lastly, tire rotation leads to fuel efficiency. You can increase fuel efficiency by reducing the amount of friction. Driving a car whose tires have an even treading reduces the amount of horizontal friction while on the road. This, in turn, enhances the level of fuel efficiency.

Tire rotation after every 6000 miles increases the overall lifespan and durability. It is good to do tire rotation before the winter season to allow the tires to grip well on unpredictable and wet surfaces and increase the level of traction. Rotating tires will also allow them to wear evenly and hence you will replace all of them at the same time. This is even better because having all new tires supports more predictable and better handling. ProTek Automotive mechanics recommend replacing all the four tires at the same time after doing one or two at a time. This will result in very great instabilities.