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At ProTek Automotive (Palm Beach's Top Choice for Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance), we would highly recommend that you have tires examined regularly at every oil change. Many times, you'll need to have your tires replaced on a yearly basis, this includes any spare tires you may have.

Your tire is what keeps your vehicle on the road. To ensure that you always have food tires on your vehicle, contact our professional auto mechanics in West Palm Beach, FL when you need to replace your tires. Our mechanics will make a complete inspection to determine the condition of your vehicle tires. Prior to replacing your tires, our mechanic will check the tire pressure, sidewalls, and tread pattern.

The type of tires that you receive will be replaced with the appropriate tires for your type of vehicle. This is very important to make sure you have precisely what you need. If you don't have the right match, you could end up in an accident that could have been avoided with the correct tires.



When To Replace The Tires

When the tread on your tires begins to wear, this means it is time to have them replaced. The tread depth will help determine when it is necessary to have new tires installed. The longer you drive your vehicle, the more your tread grooves will begin to wear. It happens very gradually and this is often why people overlook it. If you notice that your vehicle's tires are slipping when it rains or in the snow, don't just ignore it, this is a sign that it is time to replace your tires.

You can prevent and avoid accidents by replacing your tires when they need to be replaced. If you think you may need new tires but are not sure, allow one of our trustworthy auto mechanics at Palm Beach Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance Shop evaluate your tires for you. If your tires were put on at the same time, it is important to have all of them replaced at the same time.


Why Seek Professional Advice

In most cases, when you suspect that you need new tires, you do. However, if you are money conscious and want to make sure you aren’t buying tires too soon, allow a certified auto mechanic to evaluate your tires.

A professional auto mechanic, who cares about their customer’s will be forthcoming in letting them know whether they have a few more miles left on their tires or if they need to have them replaced immediately.


Hire Us As Palm Beach's Best Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance Shop

If you want trustworthy, dependable automotive services, do yourself a favor and contact the most widely used automotive repair shop in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance Shop.

With the help of our certified auto mechanics, we are able to assist with any of your tire replacement needs, from selection to installation. You are assured of getting exactly what you need from our professionally trained and highly-skilled mechanics. We offer you more bang for the buck!




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ProTek Automotive, West Palm Beach is one of the best auto mechanic shops near you. ProTek Automotive is mainly in the following segments;

  • Changing engine oil and lubricants
  • The pressure of the tire
  • Preventive services of the car
  • Alignment of the wheel
  • Air condition repair
  • Automotive battery problems
  • Auto engine repair:

These are the primary services in which ProTek Automotive is involved. ProTek Automotive is also involved in the tire replacement services.



Why and when tire replacement is necessary?

There are several reasons why the tire of your vehicle should be replaced. The reason for the tire replacement is not only wear and tear.

  • Owner’s Manual provides the instructions on when the tire replacement and inspection are recommended. The owner shall take steps based on the owners' manual.
  • If the tread depth of the tire is no longer suitable to drive, it is better to replace the tires.
  • If the tire has numerous punctures or large cuts, our professional mechanic can advise on whether to replace the tire or move on with the existing one.
  • Tires which are used and currently in use for more than 3 years needs to be inspected periodically by the expert mechanics.
  • It is always advisable to replace the worn tires for the purpose of safety. In many states of US, it is the legal requirement as per law to replace the worn out tires.

The ProTek Automotive, West Palm Beach only deals with the tires which are excellent in quality, affordable to clients and gives the same performance throughout the lifecycle of the tire. ProTek Automotive has a large range of selection of tires.

  • When you visit ProTek Automotive for the purpose of replacement of tire(s), our expert mechanics make the diagnosis of your vehicle and the condition of the tire for replacement.
  • Our honest and dedicated team of expert mechanics shall recommend you the tire which best suits your vehicle based on the budget. ProTek Automotive has top quality brands which have a long-lasting durability. 
  • The advantage of buying the tires from ProTek Automotive is we directly deal with the manufacturer or the main dealer. The price advantage arrived because of that is passed on to our customers. ProTek Automotive always works hard and ensure that our customer gets the best price compared to the market. ProTek Automotive promises that you get the best deal on the new tire replacement compared to online stores or other retail stores.
  • ProTek Automotive leaves the final choices with their customers. Based on several options customer chooses the tire of preference.
  • Once the tire has been chosen by the customer, the existing tire is replaced by the new tire.


Why ProTek Automotive?

Why you should choose ProTek Automotive for all your car health issues. Below are some of the reasons;

  • Independent:

ProTek Automotive is independently owned store by Mr. Cory Summers. While visiting us, you can talk to our shop owner. Mr. Cory Summers is always willing to help customers to provide all the value-added services possible. Our customer feels like they are part of the ProTek Automotive family. It is obvious that in a retail chain you do not get that advantage.

  • Rotating Tires:

It is recommended to rotate the tires on periodical intervals. It helps in improving the life of tires. If the tire is not rotated, it is going to worn out.  ProTek Automotive provides rotating tire service to their regular clients.

  • Free Add-on services:

For all our clients, we always try to give something in return for which the client has not paid for. For example, we check the alignments of all the tires while the vehicle comes for tire replacement. This is not usually included in the initial quotation. Our mechanics also give some tips by which you can save a lot of expenses on a regular basis such as when to check the air pressure, instructions from owner's manual etc.

Whether you have a motor car, small pick up minivans, semi-trailer trucks or big size trucks ProTek Automotive is the best place for replacement of the any vehicle’s tires.

ProTek Automotive is a one-stop shop for replacement of tires, change of oils, brakes failure and all other auto repair requirements. We always work on improvement in customer service and try to give the best customer satisfaction by providing excellent service. ProTek Automotive is proud of being the best choice for our clients for any auto repair and mechanical requirement of the clients.