Electrical Diagnostics

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In the modern era, the vehicles are designed and developed in the highly complex system. The entire system of the vehicle consists of electronic, electrical and mechanical components. Even a minor mechanical problem does not allow your car to function.


The smaller parts problems affect the overall car performance. Due to the complexity of the structure, the diagnosis of issues is possible with the help of professional experts only. Located in West Palm Beach Protek Automotive is the best auto repair mechanic Shop and performance vehicle shop. The Protek Automotive is the ideal auto mechanic near you.


Electrical diagnostics indicators:

Below are some of the general indicators, it arises, you may need to bring your car to Protek Automotive.


Problem with Fuse:

All the vehicles consist of the fuse box. The wire of the fuse may blow or it loses the contract for the supply of electricity. The car turn on the key itself requires electricity. It does not allow the entire car to function.


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Problem with Battery:

The car engine helps the battery to charge while driving. If the battery is not able to charge or is not able to hold the charging power, the vehicle can stop while you are driving. The battery backup gives power to an engine to start.

For each servicing time, we check whether the battery is functioning well. If the battery needs mechanics attention we help to sort out the issue. If the battery needs replacement, Protek Automotive on confirmation of the client can do the same. It is ideal to change the battery once in every three years in order to function your vehicle well.


Oxygen Sensors:

An oxygen sensor helps in monitoring the actual fuel or air burnt by the car engine. Oxygen sensors are an integral part of emission control system of the vehicle. If the ratio of air burn is higher than a minimum, it leads the engine to run hot than the standard specification. At the same time, if the vehicle is consuming too much fuel and the ratio of the air is very low it leads to the higher emission of the fuel in the car.

Any oxygen sensor which became defective or obsolete needs replacement. However, in order to function the vehicle better, it is advisable to replace the Oxygen sensors on a regular periodical interval. It is part of the maintenance programme. Protek Automotive can do it for you. Once you replace oxygen sensors with us, our expert makes sure that upon replacement your vehicle becomes more effectively reduce the emission and increase the converter life.



In simple terms, the alternator is the charger of the vehicle. It helps in recharging the battery through direct current. The alternator also helps in functioning of the other utilities of the cars such as headlights and the radio.

When the vehicle arrives for servicing and oil change, Proteck Automotive helps to check the alternator. If there is a bad diode in the alternator, the battery may drain. It is also recommended to check the entire system of charging once in a year. If the car requires changing the alternator, we at Protek Automotive help to replace the alternator.



When the car is then turned on the starter triggers car engine to start. The starter is opposite side of the vehicle's engine. While starting the vehicle, if it gives unusual sound or no sound at all, it indicates that the starter or related electrical components have problems. If the car starter has a problem, it does not allow the car to start.

The common cause of the issue is loose electrical connections or battery is not charged or battery is having a problem etc.

The car starter check is a part of the annual health check of the car. We at Protek Automotive advise our client to replace the starter in case if there is a malfunctioning with the starter which is not possible to repair.


Engine Temperature Sensors:

The engine coolant temperature sensors help to monitor the temperature of the engine of the vehicle. Higher temperature may lead to overheating of the car engine while lower temperature leads to the high emission of the fuel.


Residual electrical components:

The residual electrical problem includes windows, wipers, steering, defroster, and all the lights including headlights.

Protek Automotive deal with end to end solution of the vehicle. We provide the comprehensive solutions for your vehicle. A team of professional mechanics works with integrity and honesty and use of latest technology makes the Protek automotive is the ideal auto mechanic near you.