Electrical Diagnostic Services

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Located at West Palm Beach, ProTek Automotive is the best auto mechanic shop near you. ProTek Automotive is the one-stop solution for all the mechanical problems that are with your vehicle. Whether you own a car or a truck or a pickup van, and whether the same is for personal use or commercial use, and whether the vehicle is imported or local, ProTek Automotive is a perfect choice.

Due to increasingly advanced technology, most of the modern vehicles work with the help of electrical equipment and electricity. Based on the different models of the cars and other such vehicles, electrical systems are different. The dashboard of your car will indicate the problem by showing the warning light. A minor problem with any such electrical equipments functions, it may stop the car from functioning. While driving, it may endanger the safety of the passengers.

Hence, it is advisable to report to an auto mechanic near you on an immediate basis when you find that there is the issue with the car. Some repairs don't require your immediate attention. However, if the issue is not resolved on the occurrence, it may raise safety issues.

Further, in order to prevent major issues later on with your vehicle, you must approach auto mechanic neat you for periodical electrical diagnostics. ProTek Automotive will always explain the symptoms and cost of the diagnostics for making our customer aware before fixing the problem.


What does electrical diagnostic services include?


Test of the car battery

The battery of the car helps the car to work. It gives the power to the starter while starting a car. Further, the ignition system is also works based on the car battery. One main reason for draining the battery is the weak terminals of the battery.

At each time you visit our mechanic shop, we check that the battery and its connections are properly in place. It is advisable to check the charging system once in a year.


Digital testing such as light airbag and light of the engine

Ohh come on, nobody wants to see their vehicles engine warning light on since it indicates some problem with your car. The problem is maybe with the catalytic converter or loose connection with the engine.

Want to turn it off comfortably? ProTek Automotive can do it for you. We can retrieve the code and make a diagnosis of the problem for you.


Headlight and indicating lights testing and replacement

For each time the car undergoes service, the headlight and other lights has to be checked. ProTek Automotive can do it for you. We always provide some add-on services for our returning customers.


Alternators & battery

Are you facing trouble in starting your car? One of the reasons for this is the alternator of the car is worn-out.

At each time you visit ProTek Automotive, alternators of your car shall be checked by our mechanics.



In the current models of the vehicles, the manufacturer installs a computer in vehicles. The task of this computer is monitoring. The sensors help in sending the data to the computer. The spark plugs, injectors, and speed are controlled by the computer. If there is any failure in the computer, it diminishes the performance of the car.

For better and improved performance of the car, it is advisable to check the operative effectiveness of the computer on a regular basis. We at ProTek Automotive can do it for you. If it has been already deteriorated, have it replaced with us.



If you observe that your car is making unusual noise while staring or is not able to start, then the starter is having a technical problem.

ProTek Automotive can help you. You can repair the starter and rebuild from us. 


Other residuary problems

The residuary problem of the car includes fading of Radio, window slider is not moving up or down properly, car vipers not working or worn-out, sensors of car for door locks and other purposes, power Steering related diagnosis, fuse testing, wiring of the electrical equipment are not aligned properly etc. there can be number of other problems as well because of which the car does not functions as expected.

ProTek automotive aims to find most convenient and affordable solutions for our customer. ProTek uses advanced electrical diagnostic services to install, rebuilt or repair. Primarily, Best service requires the best infrastructure and best team of mechanics.


The Infrastructure

ProTek Automotive has the best possible infrastructure for the great customer experience. Over a period of years, we improved in our infrastructure and succeeded in gaining the trust from our customers. We use state of the art equipment and tools required for the repair of automobiles.


The ProTek Team

ProTek Automotive has the team of certified auto mechanics on whom you can count on your cars' electrical diagnostic service. On a periodic interval, our team is trained for the latest updates in the technology to cater the requirements of the customers.

If your car is having an electrical problem, visit us at West Palm Beach. ProTek Automotive provides comprehensive solutions for the electronic or electrical system of the car.

ProTek automotive is an independently owned auto mechanic shop near you. Hence, we also have an advantage in offering the competitive prices to our customers. In nutshell, ProTek Automotive is the right choice for your electrical diagnostic service. Truly, we care.