Custom Wheels and Install Services

Do you want your car should be stand out from other cars? Make custom wheels with Protek Automotive and improve your experience. Protek Automotive is the perfect auto mechanic near you. Protek Automotive provides all repair, periodical maintenance, and mechanical solutions of your car. We cater all the issues of the vehicle and provide end to end solutions.

Protek Automotive is one of the leading auto repair mechanic shop and Performance Vehicle Shop of West Palm Beach. Protek Automotive works on almost all the vehicles whether it is a minivan or a truck or a passenger car or picks up vehicle etc. The aim of Protek Automotive is to ensure that our customers leave with the great satisfaction for the best performance of the vehicle.



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Custom Wheels:

The change of wheels of the vehicle is based upon following conditions;

  • Usage of the vehicle
  • Condition of driving
  • The condition of the road where the vehicle is usually driven
  • Size of the vehicle

While you bring a vehicle to us, our team of professional auto mechanics shall study the above factors and shall suggest the best possible custom wheels within the client’s budget. Proteck Automotive also assist all of our customers who have highly technical questions.

Custom wheels can be are of mainly following types:

  • Racing Wheels
  • Luxury Wheels
  • Retro Wheels
  • Muscle Wheels
  • Custom Color wheels
  • Spinner Wheels

The above list is indicative only. Due to technological advancement, there are many types of custom wheels available in the market. For all the above types, we have the large selection of wheels from the best and popular brands.

Custom wheels can be of aluminum alloy or custom steels. Aluminum wheel is light in weight and strong which helps in improving the mileage and performance of the car. On the other side, Custom steel wheels are heavy compared to aluminum and it is perfect for the heavy job and off-road driving conditions.


Installation Service:

Protek Automotive, West Palm Beach is not only dealing with the sale of custom wheels. However, we also provide the installation service of the wheels. Our professional team can help you in finding the right customized wheel based on your questions and choices.   

Protek Automotive ensures that our customers get the most accurate fitment of the wheels in all the aspects such as spacing, the pattern of the bolt, offset, diameter etc.

Make customization the car wheels with Protek Automotive and change the look of your car entirely.


Why custom wheel service at Protek Automotive?

  • Trust

Protek Automotive delivers the service that our customer can trust upon. It is not easy for the customer to buy the custom wheels. The customers have to understand which wheel is suitable and which shall not, what are the types of wheels, understands the problems of change of wheels without change of wheels and much more.

So, while considering all the issues, trust becomes one of the important factors in delivering the service.

  • Professional Mechanics:

One of the very important factors that our customers keep in mind is that the car is being worked upon by a highly professional mechanics. We have mechanics who have decades of experience in the field of automotive not only in custom wheels but all the mechanical problems of the car.

The custom wheel can be considered as one of the premium segment services. Protek Automotive make sure that the customer shall get the right advice from our professional mechanics.

  • Best Brands:

We provide the best brand products only. There are numerous custom wheel manufacturing companies in the market. However, Protek Automotive deals only with the best brands. We aim to achieve the best customer experience ever. Protek Automotives’ superior standards guide our professional team to work in the best interest of the vehicle owners.


After Sale Service:

After sale service is highly important. When the car wheel has been customized, the wheels are under warranty depending on the manufacturer. Hence, when there is a technical issue with the customized wheel, we Protek Automotive is always there for you to serve promptly.

The aim of the Protek Automotive is to help our customers for sort-out any problem of the car. We want to give the best customer experience which leads our customers to continue to come to us for all the automotive solutions. In nutshell, Protek Automotive, West Palm Beach is a one-stop auto mechanic shop near you.