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Going for car services can be a headache but as every human body requires food as a source of energy similarly every car requires regular services and maintenance. Driving a car is fun but when the time comes for car maintenance we might lag behind and become a lazy couch. We need to understand that regular services to the car are really important to maintain healthy and safe  driving.

Moreover, regular maintenance also reduces further costs on major repairs which might come as result of not maintaining your car.   We at Protek Automotive provide the best options for car services. If you think that your car is not behaving the way you wanted then Protek Automotive is the best place in West Palm Beach, where you can stop by and solve any problem with your car at the very instant. 



Maintaining Your Car Regularly

Maintaining car is not just washing it regularly to make it look good, we often ignore the fact that the inner functioning of the car may also be at stake. If we don’t maintain the car, it might cost you double or triple the amount that might cost you otherwise. 

There is some of the most important car maintenance that you must not avoid:


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Tire Pressure

Checking the tires regularly, if it's over inflated or under inflated. Underinflated tires may wear easily and overinflated tire may blow out and hence very important to check the tire pressure. One need to make sure that the tires are repositioned or rotated regularly as it is a very important aspect of even wearing of the tires. Otherwise usually the front tires wear more easily than the back tires and may require changing the whole set of tires very again.


Regular Oil Check

It is one of the most important part of car maintenance. Regular oil checks are really important. If we don’t change the oil the sludge might build, hence affecting the working of the engine. Oil is what makes the engine works.  Without a proper engine, your car is nothing but dead. Hence the oil needs to be sufficient in order to make the car run smoothly. It is advised to change the oils about every 3000- 4000 miles. 



Brakes Inspection 

The brake system should be checked at every 10,000 miles. If they are not checked, it will result in poor pad pressure, and emergency brakes will be at risk.


Cooling System

The cooling system should be checked for any contamination, dirt, corrosion. The cooling system should be well maintained, and the fluid coolant should be checked from time to time. It is the coolant that helps in making the engine cool, and for its proper functioning.


Wiper blades

They need to be checked otherwise they will rot and may cause an accident during rain. In case, they may also scratch your front screen.


Tire Alignment 

Checking the wheel alignment is really necessary, if the alignment is not good it may cause tires to wear easily.


Air filter

Checking the engine air filters is really important. As these filters become dirty and polluted by time and generally need to be changed. If the air filters are not changed it is said to reduce the life of the engine and may also reduce your mileage.


So, in a nutshell, there are many benefits to regular maintenance:

    It will increase the life of your vehicle.

    Ensure a safe and healthy driving.

    Save you from major costly repairs.

    Will not betray you in the middle of the road by suddenly breaking down.

    Well-maintained cars also help in protecting the environment as they emit less harmful fumes.



We usually visit the doctor for a regular checkup then why should we compromise the life of our cars. Regular maintenance is really important. This might include going to the auto mechanic shop, which might consume some of our time but in the long run, it is the best idea otherwise in most cases, the charges will be much higher than expected.

We at Protek Automotive provide the best options for car services. We have the best mechanics in town, helping with the need of every car.

We at Protek Automotive promise the car to be in safe hands.

Hence, if you listen to anything mushy around your car then stop by Protek Automotive, to know if it’s the right auto mechanic shop that you wanted.