Best, Fast, & Most Affordable Oil Changes

Best, Fast, & Most Affordable Oil Changes

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Oil changing is one of the most important practices for any one who owns a vehicle. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your automotive is in good shape. Manufacturers will always advise you to replace the oil in your engine after driving for a certain mileage. This does not only enhance the life span of your car but also increases its efficiency.


You need to find a professional oi change company like ProTek Automotive to help in replacing your engine oil. The most important thing is to get the best, fast, & affordable oil changes. This is the only way of making sure that you get value for your money. In this article, we will be focusing on the safety tips you need to put into consideration when undertaking oil changes.

As you get ready to change your car oil, the first safety tip it to prepare for dirt, grease, and oil spills. In case you are a squeaky-clean kind of individual, its advisable to take your car to the nearby auto repair shop so that they can handle that assignment on your behalf. It’s more practical to change the oil on your own because you will be able to save a lot of money each year as you replace your oil periodically. However, you can always get the best, fast, & most affordable oil changes in the region.

The next thing is to prepare the tools that you require before you embark on the task. You will make the job easier and hassle less by preparing the things you need. You will require a lot of cardboard and old newspapers to cover your floor and protect it from oil spillages. New oil, a funnel, an oil container, wretch set, and oil filters are a must-have in this assignment. You should also remember to put on gloves. Some people use their bare hands to change the oil but you can wear gloves to get extra protection.


The spot that you are going to change your oil should be flat, level, and solid ground. Start by driving in the neighborhood to hit the oil so that it can become thin and easy to be drained from the engine.  After your engine gets warm enough, pack the car on the task in readiness for the task.

You can give the engine some time to cool before you begin the oil change process. It’s easy to drain thin oil but you don’t want to burn your hands in the process. Make sure you place your car in gear and set the parking brake firmly. You can use a brick or rock to block the tires as an extra measure. The next thing could be to jack the car up but don’t only settle on this. Keep the car aloft with the aid of jack stands to help it stay firm. Don’t get under the car until you are sure that it has been helping up stably.


Now that you have covered the ground with cardboard or newspapers and the car has settled, you have prepared the tools and you are protected with work clothes and gloves, you can now begin on the oil changing process. Be keen as you change the oil because it may still be hot. Also, keep your face out of the way as you do the draining.

After you change the oil and closely screw the engine, check whether there are any leaks. Start your car engine and run it for five to ten minutes and check for any signs of leakages. You can now do the clean up after this. Throw the oil container and newspapers away. Place the used container and oil in a sealed bag and take it to the oil recycling center or gas station.

The other important thing to remember is that you need to do the oil disposal in the right manner. Incorrect disposal of oil has been an issue of concern and it took to be damaging to the environment and illegal. Its wise to drop the used and old oil at a gas station that will accept them at no charge. There are regulations for properly disposing of the oil and you need to be aware of all this if you will be doing the oil change by yourself. However, its wise to look for the best, fast, & most affordable oil changes like ProTek Automotive to handle this task on your behalf. You will be sure that the task will be handled with a high level of precision.