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A vehicle’s engine can only remain lubricated if it has enough oil. The oil will keep your vehicle operating smoothly too. Our auto mechanics at Palm Beach Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance Shop will make sure your vehicle always have the right type of oil and enough oil to continue doing what it was designed to do, keep your vehicle's engine running.

You must have the oil changed, only using the oil intended for your make and model automobile. There is an indicator light in each vehicle that will let the owner know that it is time to have the oil changed. This is very helpful in letting you know when to take care of your car's engine by having the oil changed as quickly as possible.

When you see the indicator light, pull up to Palm Beach Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance Shop and we'll take care of your oil change right away.


When to Change Your Oil

Well, it goes without saying that you should have your oil changed when the indicator light appears. The standard is to have your vehicle's oil changed every three months or every 3,000 miles. It has been reported that some vehicles can even go for up to 6,000 miles before their oil needs to be changed due to the type of oil that they use.

There are some that will even go as far as 7,500 to 10,000 miles. If you have a dipstick, you can check your engine yourself. This is usually done when someone believes there may be an issue with the indicator. Newer vehicles may have an electronic monitor, which means they may not have a dipstick. Our auto mechanics know what to do to safely and effectively change your oil. You don’t have to change the oil since our auto mechanics are just a phone call away.


Why Rely on Professional Auto Mechanics

Some people would reason that they should just add oil whenever they think about it. This is not a good idea because it could cause damages to your engine. When there is too much oil added to the car, it has to come out eventually and this usually results in oil leaks.

This can ruin your garage or driveway, causing all sorts of nasty oil stains. Too much oil could also cause problems with your emission components. All of this can be avoided if you just leave the job of changing your oil to our professional West Palm Beach auto mechanics.


Why Hire Us As Your Palm Beach Auto Mechanic Repair and Race Performance Shop

Our mechanics are hard working and trustworthy. This is just what is needed from a good mechanic. No one wants to think that when they take their vehicle to an auto mechanic that they won’t use the right type of oil or that they simply won’t offer a complete oil change job.

When you use our services, you won’t have to. We are proud of the work we offer to you and give you our service guarantee.


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Looking for great and innovative automotive solutions, you are landed at the right place. We, Protek Automotive is the leading auto mechanic shop providing best, fast, and most affordable auto-mechanic services in West Palm Beach. Our portfolio of service range includes but not limited to below services.


Auto Engine Repair

The engine is the heart of the vehicle. The engine keeps the car working and moving. You will know the engine problem easily since it affects the functioning of the car. If the engine light is on, then there is some problem with your car which requires your urgent attention. The problem might be with fuelling, emission or ignition system. If the engine vehicle sounds unusual often, then there might be some problem with the oil pressure of the vehicle. The vehicle needs to be taken to automotive repair shops.


Air Condition Repair

Air conditioning system of the car moves out the heat of the car and makes the air cooler in the car. There are major six components of air conditioning systems which are refrigerant, expansion valve, the evaporator of heat, dryer, compressor. Having a problem in any of this components leads to air conditioning problem and require car mechanic shop to address the problem.


Alignment Of The Wheel

Wheel alignment is the usual problem of the car if the car runs the number of miles than usual. There are some indicators through with one can know that the car's vehicle is not in alignment.

  • The vibration of the wheel
  • The looseness of the wheel
  • Wear and tear of the tires excessively.
  • The car moves to the right or left without doing anything from steering

If the car owner found the above problems, visit Protek Automotive, the best and affordable auto mechanic shop near your location while you are at Palm Beach.


Tire Pressure

A tire is the major component of car safety. Many accidents happen in the country due to the low pressure of the car tire. There are tools available to test the tire pressure to function the tire correctly. Maintaining air pressure of a tire is not only great for the safety of the tire rather it also helps in improving the overall function of the vehicle.


Changing Engine Oil And Lubricants

Lubricants and oil are helping in drive the car smoothly. It is recommended that after travelling of certain miles, car engine oil needs to be changed. It changes from vehicle to vehicle, however; it is advisable to change the engine oil per 5,000 – 6,000 miles in order to drive the car smoothly and efficiently. This is a very important feature of a regular maintenance programme. 


Preventive Services Of The Car

Prevention is better than cure. Negligence in preventive maintenance has to lead to big accidents often. Plan scheduled maintenance of vehicle in order to increase the shelve life of the car. Planned maintenance includes;

  1. It is advisable to check the alignment of the tire of the vehicle at every 10,000 miles.
  2. Change of lubricant at every 5,000 – 6,000 depending upon the type of vehicle and age of the vehicle.
  3. Check pressure of a tire on a regular interval.
  4. Servicing of the entire car.
  5. Replacing the air filter.
  6. Check up on car springs.
  7. Replacement of wiper blades.

It is recommended to replace the parts since the parts wear out over a period of time. Our team of technician and mechanic shall guide you to address the preventive service effectively at an affordable rate to the client.


Automotive Battery Problems

The vehicle has various electric processes which function with the help of battery for example headlight, igniting the engine. If you find that the headlights are dim than usual then there is some problem with the battery. If you experience a problem in igniting the vehicle, it is recommended to visit car mechanic near you.


Some Useful Tips

  • Drive safer leads to detection of the mechanical problems of the car before actually becoming major and hits your pocket heavily.
  • Maintain your car well. A timely and efficient service, scheduled maintenances programs, makes your car's efficiency and durability. Don't wait for the mechanical problem to happen, plan well to avoid the problem itself.

We use only best brands of tires, oil and mechanical parts. We take it from the certified seller of the original brand yet affordable to our clients. We have a team of great mechanics who are dedicated to serving our clients for all the automotive solutions with a great satisfaction. At Protek Automotive, we use the latest technology machines to repair and servicing of the car. Protek Automotive is the one-stop solution to cater all your needs of automobiles.